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Matters of the Heart

February, 2018

I was getting used to the fact, that the new year had just begun and now, find myself and all of you at the dawn of February!

Of course, February is the month, with one of the most popular of days for celebration. That’s right: Groundhog’s Day. No, I mean Valentine’s Day. The day, we all seek chocolate, with things mixed into it. Of course, there’s that popular phrase, “just one more.”

It may also be that people think about love. Sometimes, we may feel under pressure to buy the right memento, whether it be chocolate, flowers, or something else. Of course, nobody can match showing love, by giving up your own child for the lives of others. But God did just that.

We are in one of those years, when Ash Wednesday seems to come so very early. This year, it’s on Valentine’s Day. Easter is on April 1st, this year. Be sure to attend the Lenten suppers on Wednesdays, beginning with Ash Wednesday and join us for the Lenten services, at 7:00 pm.

Be sure to watch for notices in your weekly church bulletins for fellowship activities during the year. It is hoped that each one of you can find something, in which to participate. It is hard to feel a part of a church, without including one’s self in some of the things going on around us.

God bless you and your family.

Dan Sheppard, President
Trinity Lutheran Church

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Updated: February 7, 2018