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Autumn, 2018

Happy almost November. We had a good meeting at church council this week. I was really impressed with the progress, which the Trustees have made, regarding the boilers/heater.

The asbestos has been removed and the work for the boilers will be commencing as soon as the boilers arrive. The plan is still to have the work completed before winter comes.

What really amazed me, was the progress with the funding. As you may remember, this project was anticipated to cost a whopping $90,000. The presumption was that we would borrow that from Lutheran Church Extension Fund. But after Tuesday night, I can tell you that the plan is changed.

There is already money to cover the Asbestos, although the invoice was not yet completely paid. Perhaps it is, by now. We received $5,000 from Thrivent, to help out with the project cost. Thanks Thrivent members!

We received a donation for $5,000 and we are using $20,000 from the endowment, which we set up several years ago. One of the specific purposes of the endowment, was to help defray costs of capital expenditures.

Council also approved using $20,000 from our Money Market account. With those various sums, it brings the balance which we need to borrow, to $30,000! So instead of borrowing $90,000 we are borrowing $30,000. That is great news.

In addition, we are having our fundraising efforts to contribute to this, so the balance may even get lower. When good Christian people get together and think through a problem, there are great ideas, which are produced. Together, we can do most anything!

Be sure to come to the fundraising efforts. There will be a pie auction and many items to buy from the bazaar. I have it under best authority, that Pastor will be carrying his checkbook, so EVERYBODY, hit him up for something. Especially treats!

November 18th is the Voters’ Assembly. Please come, if you can.

We only have 5 or 6 weeks until Advent. (WHAT? Already?) This year, it begins not in November, but on December 2nd. I think we should move all the dates farther, but that would make New Year’s on January 15th, so I guess we won’t.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving. God bless you and your family.

Dan Sheppard, President
Trinity Lutheran Church

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Updated: October 18, 2018