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In 2016, we were able to replace all the pew Bibles with Lutheran Study Bibles. We also have the more complete study Bibles downstairs for the Bible studies.

The Lutheran Study Bible

From Concordia Publishing, just in time for Reformation on October 31st, 2009, came the all new Lutheran Study Bible.  The translation used is the ESV, which came out just a couple of years ago, but there is more.  Martin Luther's Small Catechism is included, plus translation notes, a running chronology, new maps, and beautiful art work.  You can order this bible by going to Concordia Publishing, or clicking here The Lutheran Study Bible from Concordia Publishing

In 2010, a digital version became available. You can buy this from Concordia at Concordia Study Bible on CD-ROM or from for your Kindle at The Lutheran Study Bible.

Christmas 2008 at Trinity
Although the season of Advent is always beautiful at Trinity, a couple of years ago it was particularly so.  In recent years, it has not been common to see snow much, during the winter.  In the year pictured, it was not so.  We had a storm, which began before Christmas and lasted in some form or another, until the middle of January.  Consequently, we received from one to two feet of snow.

Services were disrupted just a bit with cancellation of one Advent service, low attendance on the following Sunday, but Christmas Day was well attended.

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Updated: November 26, 2016