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Take this simple quiz comprised of 10 questions from various places in the Bible or our doctrine.  Whether your are a student, an adult or in-between, you can test your knowledge and see how you do!  Just keep track of the ones you get right and add them up.  9 or 10 right is excellent, 8 is still great, 7 is good, anything less is not really bad, but shows you room for improvement.  Nobody will likely get ALL of the answers (of course, I will try to STUMP Pastor!)

These questions are for January-February

1.  What was Abraham's wife's name, when his first son was born?A.  Sarai B.  Ruth C.  Rebekah D.  Rachael
2.  Who was Abraham's first son? A.  Isaac B.  Joseph C.  Ishmael D.  Jacob
3.  Saint Paul reportedly had an affliction, which he requested God to remove.  How did God respond to him? A.  I will, When you show me you have enough faith B.  Yes, but you must first prove yourself C.  No, I cannot remove it, because of your lack of faith D.  My grace is sufficient for you
4.  How did Daniel get into the lion's den? A.  God put him there, for being disobedient B.  The Magistrate put him there, because Daniel failed to pay his taxes C.  Daniel volunteered to go, in addition to fasting D.  The King, because Daniel was forbidden from praying and did so
5.  The first miracle Jesus performed was: A.  Reciting the Small Catechism by heart B.  Turning water into wine at a wedding feast C.  Driving evil spirits from a little girl D.  Curing a leper
6.  The fourth commandment is: A.  You shall honor your father and mother B.  You shall honor the Sabbath to keep it holy C.  You shall covet your neighbor's house D.  You shall not murder
7.  The LARGEST book of the Bible is: A.  Psalms B.  Revelation C.  Genesis D.  Acts of the Apostles
8.  The Fruits of the Spirit are: A.  love, joy, temper, faithfulness, goodness, mercy, persistence, gentleness B.  love, joy, kindness, gentleness, mercy, self-control, faithfulness C.  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control D.  humility, joy, kindness, faithfulness, love, temper, faith, grace
9.  The "Golden Rule" (Do onto others...) is located in the Bible where? A.  Very early in Genesis B.  Jesus said it on the mount C.  Saint John says it, very near the end of Revelation D.  It is not in the Bible
10.  Who said: "He who lives by the sword will die by the sword." A.  John the Baptist B.  Pontius Pilate C.  Jesus D.  A Pharisee

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Updated: March 26, 2016